Tuesday, November 28, 2017

personale narritive

                                                     Joining the Football Team
When I was entering junior high I decided to do sports, so I decided to do wrestling and football. Before I even started school, we hold a camp for junior high and high school. We went through challenges like stance and position. Then we went through plays to see what we know. after that we had the freshman go against us, but they were not allowed to hit us.
             After the first week of school we started to go to practice. The first week of practice was easy, but once we got to a week to our first game, we went really hard on drills plays and conditioning. The conditioning was sometimes fun and sometimes horrible my favorite conditioning was sprints. My least favorite conditioning was gut busters where you run and he blows the whistle and you drop and repeat it felt like what the name is. Once we had our first two games done, it was easy sailing from their there was still hard conditioning but we dealt with it. My favorite game was Wayne. In the Wayne game, I had to be an offensive lineman witch guards the quarter back. We were having trouble blocking the defensive lineman, so I get out there with the thought I was goanna block him to where he falls over wich we call it a pancake block, and we winded up scoring a touchdown.
            After that game I felt so sore I could not move I told my family my brother and my mother told me the same thing I need to go to the weight room, so I do, and I feels so much better after having 3-2 season I made the goal that I would work on hand placement and stance and footwork. My goal for the next year was to be a starting defensive lineman and I ended up being a starter. My stats for the 2017 season was 1 sack 1 tackles for loss and 5 tackles. My favorite game of the 2017 would be against Crofton Nebraska.
            Now we may have lost against them, but that was the best game for me I got my first sack three tackles. We lost to them 45 to 8 everybody could tell we were playing scared and not getting threw the line and nobody could block anybody and we kept getting penalty’s called on us. After that game we had enough of losing and getting our butts kicked. The next games we had at home and we were not goanna loose at home so we go against Ord and Wagner. Ord we had no trouble beating.

The next game was Wagner, and we thought we were just goanna beat them because they were small last year but once they got off that bus they were pretty big. We came out there like we were on top of the of the world witch we were we start off on defense I got two tackles that night. They ran a lot of trick plays I never got threw the offensive line. I learned that you need to try your hardest, and never give up it will eventually pay off.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


                                        Coach Corkle
I know Coach Corkle because he was my 7th grade science teacher. My favorite part I know him by is he is my wrestling coach.  He is my head wrestling coach. I also know him because he goes to my church. He is my favorite person to try to be like.  He is a very nice person, but can get mad at you when necessary. He is a great person to hang around with.
Standing at 5’11 Mr. Corkle is usually wearing a wrestling shirt or a wrestling sweatshirt with jeans. When we have wrestling practice, he wears shorts and a wrestling shirt. When we go to state for wrestling, he will wear a suit and a tie. He has gray hair with a little bit of black in it, he wears dark black glasses, and he is built like a 175-pound wrestler.
Mr. Corkle’s personality is different from other teachers. He wants the best for you and the team. He is a very funny guy to hang around with. He is a coach who simplifies what he teaches us. He is the nicest coach that I have had. He will be in my corner every time I wrestle. He really cares about our grades also. His personality is like a captain of a wrestling team. He is very caring but gets down to business when it’s needed. He sometimes will be a little late to practice since he has class. We will be warmed up from running and even if we have started he will do what we have just done. He will demonstrate on a person how to do the move. He will always watch you if you ask him to critique you.

Friday, September 29, 2017


My first tackle

Its third and eight 2nd quarter.
half back and I back lined up in the middle with the quarterback.
They call an inside handoff.
Our defense called a tackle stab.
They call it on 2.
Before that ball snaps it’s like you can’t hear anything
You can’t the quarterback say down set hut
It sounds like there is no crowd

ready down set hut1 hut2
the center snaps the ball
The ball comes back.
I start running off the line of scrimmage.
The half back gets the ball.
I grab the half back.
Grab him by the jersey and throw him.

It feels unreal to hit someone with the ball and stop him from getting a touchdown
 It makes them have more yard to get a first down.

When I tackled him my defensive line was congratulating me.

Friday, September 15, 2017

i am from poem

I am from wrestling.
From the mats to the bleachers.
I am from single leg and grapple.
I am from a house who loved wrestling we watched it every time it came on.
My family Who will always watch me.

I am from the head gear.
From town to town.
I am from my first on to my second and third win
From the home mats at O’Neill.

From mat to mat.
To invite to invite you can see all the parents.
The sounds of people hitting the mats
The smell of hard work and dedication
To dual to dual fighting for your team to beat the other.
I am from the activates building training to beat my oppents.

I am from my worn head gear.
I am from my old medals.
From Slamming on the mats fighting to win.
I am from conditioning sprints and warm ups.
From sprints and monkeys in a barrels.